- Jan 20, 2011   Updated: Jul 25 2011
You'll think twice about eating your penne or spaghetti after seeing all of these pasta-inspired designs. Pasta has always been a tasty treat, but recently it has been a source of inspiration for designers to use as a medium to create everything from phone covers to jewelry.

If you've never seen a spaghetti carpet or scarf before, then you need to check these pasta-inspired designs out.

Implications - Fashionistas will enjoy the spaghetti-inspired scarves, which wrap around the neck with so much flair that hipsters everywhere will no doubt fight each other just to get one. Other notable pastavations include pasta-shaped phone protectors, cosmic spaghetti carpets as well as pasta-inspired tables.

From Cosmic Spaghetti Carpets to Golden Macaroni Jewelery: