- Jan 17, 2013
One-for-one book innovations attest to the idea that the one-for-one model is almost like the go-to for social entrepreneurship. Why? Maybe because it's easy -- and easy for the consumer to understand. It doesn't hurt that some of the most popular social businesses (well, of you consider them social businesses) have been those that incorporate a one-for-one scheme. TOMS, of course. But there's also Out of Print, the United States-based clothing company that is sold in almost every urban area (and also online, of course).

From lit culture tablet cases to classic novel recreations, these one-for-one book innovations donate one book for every purchase. While Out of Print takes on a more global outlook, by partnering with Books for Africa, a smaller company, S.T.O.R.Y, is more local and keeps its donations to the Californian area.

From Lit Culture Tablet Cases to Classic Novel Recreations: