- May 26, 2012
While a well-designed DSLR is high-powered on its own, these must-have camera accessories will help solve common photography challenges. Whether you are an avid candid snapper or an adventurous nature shooter, there is an add-on for you.

Photographers come from all walks of life, and shooting styles vary across the board. Those who enjoy street-style fashion shoots would prefer a bulk-free and trigger-ready case over a traditional camera bag. However, nomadic backpackers and longwinded journeymen would require added protection from harsh elements for their devices. Keeping the camera steady is a common issue faced by many photographers, and there are a number of cleverly designed tripods suited for various situations.

Even if you are satisfied with your tools of the trade, these must-have camera accessories will have you lusting and wishing for more.

From Time-Saving Tripods to Instant Photo USBs: