From Piston-Comprised Rings to Multipurpose Male Accessories

 - Feb 7, 2013
This fine assortment of multipurpose rings offer the wearer a chic accessory for their fingers in addition to a quirky feature that can range from cool to kooky. Rings, like the majority of jewelry, offers no purpose other than to look nice and accent an outfit with a bit of glitz.

Multipurpose rings are a great innovation that is in-line with other multifunctional jewelry designs including watches that can scan documents to necklaces that feature built-in cameras. The ones found here have the ability to open bottles, tell the time and even fire bullets. Although the last one might be a bit much, the other multipurpose rings in this collection are great for adding additional features to an otherwise functionless piece of jewelry. Maybe one would make a fun engagement ring for the fella that wants an obscure finger adornment.