From Ninja Star Thumbtacks to Nunchuck Pen Caps

 - Oct 25, 2011
No 21st century ninja would be caught dead walking out of the house without at least one of these multifunctional ninja weapons. It is no secret that ninjas are one of the coolest warriors of all time. The coolest warriors have the coolest weapons, and the ninja's arsenal of throwing stars and nunchucks are second only to a Jedi's in the badass department.

Unlike the Jedi, the ninjas' weapons are actually a reality and are useful for more than just slaying bad guys. Indeed, each of these multifunctional ninja weapons are perhaps best used for inoffensive activities such as transferring files between computers or for hanging coats to walls. While the ninja may be gone, they will never be forgotten thanks in part to all of these killer multifunctional ninja weapons.