From Glaring Garden Captures to Soft Ashen Spreads

 - May 21, 2012
These Melodie Monrose editorials capture the rise of this Martinique-born supermodel. Monrose has recently entered the foray of the fashion industry. Officially discovered in 2010, she has since that time represented the likes of DKNY, Max Azria and Rag & Bone on its official runways. Her appearances at New York's Fashion Week gave quick rise to her name, eventually bringing about her collaboration with the Dazed & Confused and Vogue Italia publications.

Glaring garden captures and soft ashen spreads are some of the looks that have come to characterize Monrose's portfolio. The most interesting aspect of her career is that her appearance is constantly evolving with sleek bobs, wild Afros and even orange-hued tresses. Her productions are consequently unpredictable, and her ability to take on numerous personas shines through her dynamic photoshoots.