From Extravagant Eco-Escapes to Convertible Stool Mattresses

 - May 27, 2012
French designer Matali Crasset has made a name for herself creating whimsical furniture that appeals to both one's practical and playful nature. Her array of furniture pieces often incorporate various functions while still maintaining a chic composure. Both the Sweet Talk and Dream Bed, as well as the Dynamic Life Sofa come in a wide array of possibilities in both functionality and fashion appeal.

While the bulk of Crasset's work revolves around interior design, the artist has also been contracted to create playful jewelry designs for Le Buisson, and design reusable shopping bags for the Italian start-up company Regenesi.

Matali Crasset's designs are inspired by imagination and creativity, and thus are perfect for adult and children fashion senses. Her Maison des Petits (House of the Little Ones) makes one wish they were still small enough to fit inside.