From Scalp Massager Caps to Massaging Socks

 - Aug 20, 2009   Updated: Mar 24 2011
Stress can come in many forms, and this cluster of massagers is dedicated to the many different ways to relieve your daily anxiety through massage. Since massage stimulates blood flow to the muscles, it's a popular method of relaxation, detoxification and therapy.

From bizarre stress relievers to fake makeup massagers, here are 14 ways to relax through therapeutic massage.

Implications - Living in such a fast-paced society often causes relaxation to be neglected. In a world where stress is often a health-related issue, companies are finding ways to market products to help individuals relax without the troubles of looking for a massage parlor. With limited time and money, these products are beneficiary for those constantly on-the-go who need a way to eliminate anxiety with little hassle.