From Royalty-Inspired Lingerie to Crowned Phone Accessories

 - Nov 1, 2013
If you're wearing a Marie Antoinette costume this year, be sure to integrate some royalty into your aesthetic.

The opulence-loving historical figure has proven to be a Halloween inspiration to many, and for good reason! Her over-the-top fashion sense and beauty style set her apart as a historical figure, inspiring modern films to capture her quirky and indulgent lifestyle. Unlike many other historical inspirations, Marie Antoinette's look can be interpreted in a way that doesn't feel stuffy, outdated or too formal. Her love of enormous hair, even larger dresses and cake has inspired many fashionistas to bring her look to today's world without sacrificing style.

Whether with a bejewled phone case or an over-the-top dress, this costume is best paired with royal-inspired accessories.