From Meaty Canine Walkers to Sustainable Animal Accessories

 - Jun 29, 2011
There are now new ways to bling out any dog with these luscious leashes. For anyone looking to make their dog the hot puppy on the block, check out these amazing finds.

The meaty canine walker is one way to improve a dog's street cred, as this practical yet quirky leash looks like stringed sausages to really let others know who the "hot dog" is in town. If this is too much, the more refined rope leash is classy yet practical. No matter what your preference, these luscious leashes are bound to give pet owners ideas for hip doggy walkers.

Implications - Consumers are looking for ways to express their emotional connection with their pets, and these leashes allow customers to personalize their pets. Companies should consider how their products offer this sense of individuality.