From Festive Striped Sweets to Layered Chromatic Desserts

 - Feb 7, 2013
Whipping up a layered dessert is a sure-fire way to entice and surprise guests with a mash-up of unexpected flavors. Layered desserts usually have an overall theme to make sure that no one flavor stands too far out from the others. Because of this, it's a bit more difficult to create a perfectly balanced dessert, but this collection of decadent recipes does just that.

Many of the items here involve cakes that are layered with different, delicious levels, but there are also a number of innovations that involve Mason jars and a lot of ingenuity. The jars are filled with varying layers of cake and cream before being baked; there are also a number that use varying flavors of pudding to create a meta dessert that is beyond expectations.