From Lethal Brassieres to Bra-Only Baseball Outfits

 - Jun 23, 2010   Updated: Jul 5 2011
Lady Gaga is known for a lot of things, but it's her outlandish outfits that garnish the most scrutiny. Often, her experimental bras are the center of attention of her ensembles--even when she's "covered-up," more often than not, her bra is still showing.

This cluster of Lady Gaga's bras offers some good examples--it's all about the pop sensation's many bra-revealing ensembles, from lethal brassieres to bra-only baseball outfits.

Implications - Many consumers relish in being able to indulge in similar or comparable products as iconic individuals or personalities. Businesses who enable consumers to do so will be applauded for their ability to bring fans a sense of elitism and glamor.