- Jul 1, 2019
From retro picnic coolers to slender drink vessels, the June 2019 kitchen trends suggest that consumers are looking for ways to take the kitchen with them this summer.

While the idea of al fresco dining in the summertime is nothing new, the ways that consumers are doing it is starting to change. For instance, consumers are no longer content with a simple thermos of coffee brewed hours before an outing. Now they have devices like the MiiR Pourigami to enjoy a fresh pour over even when there's no kitchen in sight.

The June 2019 kitchen trends also suggest that consumers want to ensure their outdoor dining experiences are not harmful to the environment. Vericool's new eco-friendly reusable coolers are 100% recyclable and biodegradable so your next picnic doesn't have to leave its mark on mother nature.

From Retro Picnic Coolers to Slender Sustainable Drink Vessels: