From Reserved Retro Photography to Sunny Sorceress Styles

 - May 26, 2012
These Julia Galdo photoshoots showcase the photographer's pension for playful and imaginative projects. Although she has photographed the occasional editorial and cover shoot, Galdo describes herself more as a fine artist photographer than a fashion or editorial one. That is because her work is often more artistic than stylish.

Often collaborating with Cody Cloud (a fellow photographer she met while studying at the San Francisco Art Institute) under the name JUCO, the Julia Galdo photoshoots tend to involve unique scenes and fantastical situations. Nevertheless, her quirky captures never compromise the innate beauty, femininity and glamor of her human subjects. Instead, she gives each one a mysterious and mystical air.

Julia Galdo has done professional work for Good Vibrations, Sony Music, Nike, 7×7 Angeleno magazine and Nylon magazine.