From Monolithic Stacked Structures to Cinder Block Simplicity

 - Jul 29, 2010   Updated: Mar 31 2011
The featured Jenga-inspired architecture will have you yearning to play the all-time favorite Jenga game. With stacked buildings and piled up offices, it's incredible to see the different structures that can resemble these wooden building blocks.

Take a look through these Jenga-inspired features and get some ideas for your next geometric dream home.

Implications - Architecture that stands out by being quirky and unusual distinguishes itself as noteworthy, and this is especially important in the extremely competitive condo/hotel/shopping center market. Even something as adopting an asymmetrical, jenga-like aesthetic can go a long way towards cultivating individuality, and that is something consumers respond to. No one wants to feel like they live in a carbon copy building that can easily get lost on account of its unremarkable design.