- Dec 14, 2012
For those working from the comfort of their living rooms or studies, these home office solutions are lifesavers. A bevy of problems arise when someone wants to setup a home office. It can be challenging to find a secluded, quiet place. There are space restraints. And of course, you don't want your home office to be an eye sore in your home.

Modern design and innovative engineering have taken on these hardships to provide home office solutions ranging from modular, compact spaces that transform to suit the users needs to tables with built-in storage. These are not your typical IKEA pieces of furniture.

Workplaces are getting more and more virtual as cloud computing and smartphones continue their epic growth, so 2013 will surely be the year where we see more people working virtually and more products launched to support this lifestyle change.

From Desk Bubbles to Modular Workspaces: