From One-Eyed Hipster Shades to Victorian Pirate Fashion

 - May 6, 2012
The recent revival of pirate fashion, demonstrated in this collection of eye patch pictorals, can be traced back to Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow character from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series back in early 2000.

Traditional pirates were far from concerned with their formal display, concerning themselves more with pillage and plunder; however, the eclectic eye-patch has undergone several modish reworkings to transform it into a stylish fashion accessory. The Victorian Eye Patches and Parisian Men Pictorials demonstrates the potential for chic patches to be more than a covering for a missing eyeball. Even sunglasses borrow aesthetic influence from pirate attire, as demonstrated by the cut-out hipster shades.

No longer just a staple for Halloween costumes, pirate-inspired attire and eye-patches are making their way into stylish contemporary couture.