From Digital Dumbbells to Dialogue Dumbbells

 - Jan 23, 2010   Updated: Jul 27 2011
Hitting the weights has never ever been funner than with 10 Dope Dumbbells. Get out some whey protein and go claim the bench press, this cluster will pump you up.

If the weights at my fitness center of choice were human dumbbells you can bet your ass I’d be there all day. If 10 Dope Dumbbells doesn’t get you into the gym then by God I don’t know what will.

Implications - Even if the human dumbbells don't get you pumped to pump some weight, perhaps the extremely contemporary design-conscious dumbbells will, or maybe the Olympic-colored dumbbells, so you can feel like the ultimate stud.

Or maybe you can continue avoiding the gym -- I don't judge. Either way, this kickass collection of killer workout equipment is a great peek into the future of fitness.