Mark December 12th 2012 with These Memorable Timekeeping Creations

 - Dec 12, 2012
12/12/12 is set to be a memorable date on your calendar as it will be the last time that you’ll find such a repetitive number on any timekeeper. So, to commeorate this moment in time and timekeeping itself, take a gander at these nifty calendar creations from the past year to celebrate December 12th 2012.

While there are a number of scantily clad ladies adorned on a couple of these finds, other calendars in this collection feature unusual ways to help remember the date. Some offer alcoholic beverages to encourage you to mark off another day while others use funny animals and cartoons to help you along the way. There are also the nostalgic ones like the Photo App-Inspired Calendars that feature social media-like photos that will have you a little heavyhearted. However you choose to ring in December 12th 2012, be sure to make the most of every second.