From Vanity-Boosting Bedding Sets to Puzzled Pillows

 - Sep 12, 2013
If you and your significant other will be moving into a new place shortly, why not embrace the love and get a set of cute couple pillowcases? While these can definitely be seen as corny to some, they're absolutely adorable and just another way to show each other just how happy you are to be together.

There are some pillowcases that are definitely sappier than others such as ones that say, 'good morning gorgeous' and 'hello there handsome,' but they are just another great way to add more romantic touches to the bedroom. These cute sayings are also the perfect pick-me-ups right when you open your eyes.

If the pair of you can't stand the lovey-dovey type of romance, there are also hilarious sets that tie in the couple theme. For instance, sets that read 'Beauty' and 'Beast' and 'My side - Your side' are ideal for the realist couples.