From Mythical Creature Cakes to Layered Marshmallow Confections

 - May 29, 2013
Whether you're a fan of complex creature cakes or triple layer confections these calorie overloaded cakes will satisfy your sweet tooth and leave you feeling full.

When you decide to bake someone a cake you are embarking on a mission. Baking a cake is not an easy feat and these complex calorie overloaded cakes are more complex than your average box ingredient dessert. But the amount of time you put into these desserts will be worth it when you get to taste the sweet flavors of success and see the smile on your guests faces.

If you're setting out to bake a cake for someone, why not go all out and make them one of these towering beasts of dessert? From creature cakes to layer cakes and everything in between, these monstrosities are not for the beginner baker.