- Jun 29, 2013
Being comfortable when your at home should be your number one priority and these cozy cover-ups are wonderful at keeping you warm and casual.

Whether you work from home or are on vacation if you're not wearing a bathrobe, you're missing out on ultimate relaxation. Draped, loose fitting clothing is often desired over tight and restricting pieces. These cozy cover-ups hang off your shoulders and wrap around your torso like a gentle hug. Soft fabrics keep you the perfect temperature and the easy access means jumping in the shower or throwing on real clothes is really only one step away.

From wondrous wildlife wardrobes to geeky washroom garments, pick the bathrobe that best suits your personality because--if you're lucky--you could be spending the majority of your time with it on.

From Caped Crusader Housecoats to Cozy Cover-Ups: