Comic Book Costumes and Suede Superhero Sneaks Will Prepare You for Halloween

 - Oct 23, 2011
Halloween is fast approaching and there are few better ways to ring in the season than with these comic book costumes. Whether you're attending a casual party or escorting your kids down the road to trick-or-treat, these outfits and accessories are perfect to cheer in the year's spookiest season.

With all the ghosts, ghouls and zombies walking around on All Hallow's Eve, the troubled streets demand the presence of a superhero! And why shouldn't that savior be you? These comic book costumes, from casual t-shirts referencing the caped crusader to detailed Superman outfits, will doubtlessly help you stop the evildoers and have fun while you're doing it. Look for this exclusive apparel in stores in the coming weeks or simply hop online and pick them up early!