From Messianic T-Shirts to Jesus Juice

 - Sep 2, 2009   Updated: Aug 17 2011
Do you think Jesus would get a laugh or simply turn the other cheek if he saw himself chilling next to Elvis, playing hockey or laid out Michael Jackson style to sell wine? The big guy is known for not holding a grudge, but damn: Astronaut Jesus? “Check it out! JC is turning my filtered space pee into Tang!”

From Messianic T-shirts to Jesus Juice Merlot, check out the prophet-basedâ€"and profit-basedâ€"exploitations of Jesus.

Implications - Consumers are drawn to religion and spirituality more now than ever. This is essentially a backlash from the increasing materialism that is overtaking society, causing consumers to seek deeper meaning to life. Further, religion serves as a way to foster community, which in turn lends to a sense of belonging.