From Canine-Tinkling Shelf Mates to Brainy Book Holders

 - Jun 13, 2012
An extensive collection of books today deserve to be complemented by bedazzling bookend pieces for a more wholesome look.

Bookends are the newest way to elevate your small but growing library to a more impressive level. Designs are more and more creative, with ones suited for the Sci-fi geek (Star Wars bookends) to the design-conscious (may I suggest the artistically random chaos theory bookends?). The best part about these creations is their customizable nature. For example, if you had several canine fact books, you could pair your collection with bookends that featured a dog's head as one end and the rest of its body as the other end.

In the coming age, our personal book collections will be cannibalized by the growth of digital print, so our base shelves need to be filled by something visually stimulating.