From Bedazzled Facial Hair to Charitable Corsets

 - Mar 6, 2010   Updated: Jul 26 2011
These bedazzled finds are sure to turn some heads. The bedazzler has to be the greatest invention ever. Why, you ask?

Bedazzling anything instantly ups the object's cool factor. Nothing says "look at me" like shiny beads. Get some well deserved attention today, with these bedazzled finds.

Implications - Your friends will be jealous when you get your hands on some wild cat jewelry. Equally as envy-inducing is Adam Lambert's bedazzled suit, which has him lighting up the stage with glitter.

My favorite of these bedazzled wonders though has got to be the live insect brooches, which have the bodies of dead insect carcasses adorned with gold, sapphire and diamonds. It wouldn't be good to accidentally step on that bug.