From Music-Fusing Headphones to Cable-Constricted Mouses

 - Jul 26, 2011
My mouse suddenly seems inferior on so many levels after seeing all of these atypical Elecom electronics. Elecom is a Japanese tech company that puts a quirky twist on everyday gadgets such as mouses or headphones. When I say "quirky," I am talking a pair of headphones designed to look like pills and a mouse designed to look like a spoon.

The great thing about Elecom's electronics is that they manage to standout and be innovative at the same time. A vibrantly colored flash drive is good, but a vibrantly colored flash drive designed in the shape of a karabiner is even better. If you have serious doubts about a piece of pie being able to clean a computer screen, then I suggest you start clicking through all of these atypical Elecom electronics today.