- Apr 28, 2019
From artisanal salt chunk graters to emotion-tracking teapots, the April 2019 kitchen trends reveal that consumer kitchen products are becoming increasingly niche. Instead of just pots and pans, there's now a gadget for every different kitchen task.

For instance, designer Jens Sandringer recently created the Kikkerland Rivsalt Salt Grater, which is designed to grind salt from rock form into tiny granules for seasoning. Though there are plenty of salt shakers you can buy, the product aims to bring the experience of adding freshly ground spices to a dish, to high-end salts.

On the other hand, some of these niche kitchen gadgets are technology-driven. As highlighted by the April 2019 kitchen trends, the Teplo teapot tracks your heart rate and body temperature as well, as environmental factors like humidity and sound, to brew tea based on how you're feeling.

From Artisanal Salt Chunk Graters to Emotion-Tracking Teapots: