From Cinnamon Roll Vodka to Movie Snack-Inspired Liquor

 - Nov 26, 2013
It's perfectly natural to feel hunger pangs when browsing through all of these almost-edible vodkas. Vodka is perhaps the most customizable alcohol around, and there are vodkas flavored with everything from tobacco to scorpions. However, the most delicious flavored vodkas are the ones inspired by tasty foods, such as ice cream and cinnamon buns.

The almost-edible vodkas are almost all inspired by sweet treats, including the aforementioned cinnamon buns (courtesy of Cinnabon), popcorn and even donuts. These vodkas represent a change in the alcohol industry, one that is calling for a difference in vodka that is more than in its brand name and packaging. The day may not be far off when you can go to the bar and order a round of shots made from all one of these almost-edible vodkas.