From Retro Gamer Lights to Pixelated Lumber Loungers

 - Jun 15, 2012
It's amazing that there isn't a store that offers couches and lamps like those found among all of these 8-bt furniture features. Video gaming is a highly lucrative industry, and not just for the game makers themselves. Apparel companies, individual crafters and film studios are all cashing in on the unprecedented popularity of gaming.

Among all of the licensed video game spin-off items, furniture is conspicuously absent. It makes no sense, especially as there is an obvious desire from fans to sit on couches shaped like 8-bit aliens, and to rest their drinks on coffee tables made to look like Nintendo controllers. Perhaps a big retailer like IKEA will catch onto this growing craze and begin offering furnishings similar to the fare found here. If not, you can always click through these 8-bt furniture features and dream about what will be.