From Basket Buildings to WiFi Washbuckets

 - Jul 21, 2009   Updated: Mar 24 2011
We all take the pleasantries of not having to take our hands for granted and a basket is a prime example of our neglectful ways.

This is a collection of buckets and baskets alike that somehow benefit our daily lives both big and small.

From an office in a bucket to many types of handy bike baskets, here are 16 benevolent baskets.

Implications - Although a practical item like a basket can be considered something solely for groceries or picnics, companies are deriving more uses for the item, creating buckets which carry champagne, basket beds and even giant basket buildings, which thoroughly promotes the classic aesthetics of the product. Upping the practicality of the once single-use product, businesses are definitely branching out to find alternate ways that this piece can be used.