Beautiful Layered Designs, From Chameleon Chairs to Swimwear

 - Aug 3, 2009   Updated: Mar 24 2011
We don't live in a world of plain and boring anymore. Now is the time for extravagant add-ons that accentuate and exemplify beauty.

We layer everything we possibly can to spice it up, from furniture to clothes, to hair and even food (just gets bigger). These 12 layered luxuries will have you basking it great, larger-than-life ideas.

Enjoy the beauty!

Implications - Multifunctionalism is definitely a factor that businesses hope to incorporate within their products, allowing their target consumer to do more than one thing with the piece they've purchased. When it comes to clothing, fashion companies aim to do the same, providing fashionistas with more than one way to wear the piece they buy.