22 Examples of Niche Tourism Innovations

#22 TV-Themed Hotel Packages
#21 Enchanting Yoga Retreats
#20 Music-Focused Travel Platforms
#19 Immersive Hotel Activations
#18 Binge-Watching River Cruises
#17 Rustic Yoga Retreats
#16 Collaborative Social Travel Apps
#15 Fitness-Focused Cruises
#14 Cellphone-Free Family Camps
#13 Millennial-Only River Cruises
#12 Nomadic Travelling Communities
#11 Fashion-Focused Travel Programs
#10 Authentic Local-Led Trips
#9 Local Travel Buddy Platforms
#8 Travel Buddy-Finding Networks
#7 Scenic Hotel Yoga Classes
#6 Cruise-Inspired Dining Events
#5 Solar Eclipse Train Tours
#4 Cruise Ship Music Festivals
#3 Female-Focused Homesharing Communities
#2 Locational Foodie Travel Apps
#1 Solar Eclipse-Focused Cruises
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From River Cruises to Rustic Yoga Retreats

While some people travel to discover something new, these examples of niche tourism innovations explore a side of vacationing that's carefully curated to help like-minded individuals deeply connect with one communal interest.

A river cruise caters to its guests by offering DJ parties, on-board mixology classes and wine tastings. These experiences enable the guests to get to know one another, making for the perfect opportunity for an unaccompanied solo traveler. Fitness-focused cruises may appeal to the workout buff, enabling a traveler to stay in shape and take in some gorgeous scenery, while surrounded by like-minded people. Those looking for a more community-oriented experience may be drawn to 'WiFi Tribe', a subscription-based nomadic traveling group that embark on monthly trips, with a vibrant community that exists both on and offline.

Adventurers looking for a more connected experience can easily do so, as technological advancements present consumers with a travel resource for nearly every niche. Apps such as 'Travel Together,' enable the millennial consumer to streamline their experience-oriented vacation, while networks like 'TWIP' connect compatible travel companions, so one doesn't have to embark on a solo adventure.
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