The Knot Theory Creative Necktie Movement is an Advance in Accessories

By: Regan Canie - Oct 2, 2011
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In the department of neck accessories, ties have always been the business and formal standard, but the Knot Theory Creative Necktie Movement is about to hang the competition.

The emerging Canadian brand redesigned and rejuvenated the common collar companion and infused it with fashionable features like the Link Closure Knot, a slice of satin secured with a cufflink-style clasp to make life easier for those with trouble tying. The convenience factor is also complemented by being able to mix and match your knot and tie. Embroidered knots are also available in the six different 'Duel' tie styles to add an extra creative touch to the Knot Theory collection.

The unique unisex pieces that comprise the Knot Theory Creative Necktie Movement are simple, sleek-suit upgrades that make this a revolution worth getting wrapped up in.