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We are an association - Weslley, Murylo, de Souza & Steeman - of four writers and journalists, each covering his own discipline (Packaging technology, Food processing technology, Logistic technology and Industrial technology), and each with some 35 years experience in the field with and on behalf of various multinationals.
So, you can say that we belong to the old school.

Monthly we supply several professional international magazines and some websites with news items and articles about innovations and trends in food processing and packaging, robotics, logistics and industrial technology.
As we are strong believers that ‘green' technology has to dominate our efforts to improve the world's conditions and to solve the problems leading us to a disaster, all our articles have a ‘touch of greenness” with an accent on sustainability and recyclability. Otherwise it is marked as a Blooper.

The world moves rapidly. One innovation after the other hits the media. After analysing the new innovation or design it often turns out to be not more than an improvement, an extension or redressing of the old. And yet, there are innovations deserving special attention, which represent a totally new line of thinking. Which combine and take advantage of existing technologies in such a unique way that they achieve the title “Creating Excellence” (http://creatingexcellence.blogspot.com/)
This blog is homage to the engineers reaching this goal

Albeit writing about technology is quite a satisfying pastime, every now and then one's pen has a need for writing about social-political, cultural and humoristic items. As we are living in the north of Brazil, close to Belém, the capital of the federal state of Pará and facing the estuary of the Amazon river, we write about Brazil in general and the life in the delta of the Amazon in particular. This concretised in a blog: “Brazil In Hot Pants” (http://www.brazilinhotpants.blogspot.com)
Why this name? The name had to be a symbol for writing about serious and sincere issues with an open eye to the sometimes lofty Brazilian society, with all its curiosities and beauty.

To offer some more fun and accentuate the sometimes idiotic gadgets and senseless innovations we created a separate blog, called “Trends and Curiosities” (http://trendsandcuriosities.blogspot.com/)

We have two blog on the TrendHunter website. One about “Food and Packaging” (http://www.trendhunter.com/anton) and the other, baptized as our Dombo-website about “Serious and Senseless Trends”. (http://www.trendhunter.com/dombo)

We are open to comments and suggestions. E-mail us: amsteeman@yahoo.com.br