Zombie Tarot Cards Do Not Hold Good News for the Human Race

 - Dec 1, 2012
References: headcasedesign & thedieline
When you have your fortune read on these Zombie Tarot Cards, every single one of your prospects will look quite grim.

These zombie-themed cards are a concept created by Headcase Design and work perfectly with the intimidating and slightly scary designs that are already featured on tarot cards. All of the cards, whether featuring the embrace of two lovers or scales showing the balance life and death, are infested with mortified flesh and zombified imagery. There is even a retro-style picture of a woman on a beach chair eating a brain and a picture of a baby in its highchair gnawing on a bone.

Zombie Tarot Cards hold some very foreboding futures, probably predicting the zombie apocalypse that is about to befall us.