Write That Name is a Contact Book that Fills Itself Out

 - Jul 5, 2011
References: writethat.name & netted.net
Write that Name will go a long way with simplifying and organizing a contact book. The Web service extracts all the info from your Gmail account and fills out your contact list on its own. Additionally, as soon as you receive an email with a new signature, your contact list is updated.

Write that Name is an ingenious service that easily syncs your contacts and makes them accessible to you wherever you are on your smartphone. Check out the Web service today so you never have to scroll through an email looking for a contact's info ever again.

Implications - Digital users have an array of accounts, all with different user info and other details. This group has a need for their info to be organized in one place. Companies that can provide services that organize the online identities of consumers will be poised for success.