Aaron Purser Shows Life Without a Window Cleaner for Mirrors

 - Oct 6, 2013
References: behance.net & behance.net
Aaron Purser designs an advertising campaign focusing on ‘Windex,’ the window cleaner, creating humorous portrait shots. Purser’s idea behind the campaign is that without ‘Windex’, surfaces will be so dirty where problems can then occur. His campaign focuses on mirrors and how mistakes happen when they are not cleaned properly.

With this said, the tag-line Purser uses for his ads is: "Don’t use a dirty mirror." The images show a girl who has applied makeup all over her face because the bathroom mirror was not cleaned properly. There are also two young men who have problems shaving due to their dirty mirrors as well. The ad encourages people to use ‘Windex’ in order to clean surfaces immaculately so that these problems never occur.

This clever campaign is bold and hilarious showing that there are more uses for the window cleaner, then well, cleaning windows.