Who Wants To Be Cool? Air-conditioned Clothing.

 - Jan 2, 2006
References: web-japan.org
Cool Biz, a combination of the English words cool and business, is the catchword in Japan this summer. It is the title of a government campaign to persuade office workers to dispense with their ties and jackets as an environmentally friendly way of staying cool without lowering the air conditioner thermostat. And now an innovation called kuchofuku (air-conditioned clothing) is taking the Cool Biz concept one step further. This new type of garb lets people stay cool even in long sleeves.
Air-conditioned clothes have two small fans about 10 centimeters in diameter attached to the right and left sides of the back of the clothing, just above the waist. The fans draw in a large amount of air and help to vaporize sweat. As the perspiration evaporates, heat is dissipated, bringing down the wearer's body temperature. Sweating is the human body's natural air conditioner, and air-conditioned clothes are designed to give this mechanism a boost, ensuring that it functions properly even on the hottest, most humid days