This Infographic Compares Dieting to Weight Loss Surgery

 - May 14, 2014
References: cbirkedal &
While exercising and improving one's diet are some of the best -- and most healthy -- ways to lose body weight, there is always the quicker option of weight loss surgery. This infographic by American Dr. Christian Birkedal looks at the most effective weight loss surgery operations available on the market to date.

While weight loss surgery is an expensive alternative to eating better, exercising and adopting a healthier lifestyle, many opt for it to lose weight fast. According to the 'Surgical Versus Traditional Weight Loss Treatment' infographic, liposuction is the most popular operation to receive because it targets the popular and unwanted stomach area. Liposuction trumps as a solution to weight gain by a whopping 36% percent whereas exercising comes in with a mere 3%.