This Wearable Planter Will Keep Your Air Clean and Pollution Out

 - Jan 23, 2014
References: fastcoexist
Chiu Chih, a student at Wuhan University, created a wearable planter where the purpose is to keep your air clean when there's pollution all around.

The planter is easy to carry, as it's designed like a backpack and the plant sits inside. A mask that covers a person's nose and mouth is attached to the pack so you'll only be breathing in clean air as you walk through polluted streets. Chiu Chih's inspiration came from the pollution in China, and his goal when beginning the project was to come up with an alternative to breathing in toxic air.

This wearable planter is about $132 and although the environment is the first idea that comes to mind, the creator wants people to see his project as an example of survival.