Spire Monitors Breathing to Prompt People to Calm Down When Necessary

 - Nov 5, 2014
References: spire.io & techcrunch
Spire is a wearable breath tracker that joins the growing industry of health technology in an effort to make people feel physically better on any given day. Instead of targeting diets and fitness like most other wearable technology does, Spire hones in on the breath. By doing so, it encourages people to relax when needed. It recognizes when the wearer is tense and even when he or she has been sitting too long.

Designed by Neema Moraveji, an inventor with a PhD in augmented self regulation from Stanford, the wearable breath tracker essentially measures the mind through the body. He told Tech Crunch that he wants to "give people the awareness and control over their state of mind, and breathing is the simplest way to do it because it’s very measurable and actionable while the mind is amorphous."