Watermark by Edward Burtynsky Brings Awareness to Diminishing Resource

 - Apr 2, 2014
References: edwardburtynsky & fastcoexist
There are many documentaries out there heralding the end of nature as people know it and Watermark by Edward Burtynsky, a photographer based in Toronto, Canada, can be considered one of them. Yet people may not recognize that fact right away. A series that involves both a film and book, it brings light to one of the most abused natural resources in the world. Yet there are no speeches or text to explain the images.

Created in collaboration with film director Jennifer Baichwal, Watermark by Edward Burtynsky is a series of stunning images that will inspire people on various levels. He says, "I think our films have always tried to create a space to think about something in a different way, rather than telling you what to think. Sometimes what ends up happening in didactic politics is people have a binary response: People either agree with you or don’t. And that’s the end of the conversation."