Exmocare BT2

 - Mar 15, 2008
References: exmocare & tech.yahoo
The Exmocare BT2 is a watch but it is not like any ordinary watch. This watch is designed to keep workers on their toes and your boss looking over your shoulders.

The BT2 is designed to measure physiological data. It comes with sensors that detect your heart rate and heart variability, location, body temperature, skin temperature and moisture levels. It then sends all this information, in real time, to a central database through a Bluetooth connection for analysis and your employer can get this data from anywhere in the world. The software, which is updated automatically, runs in the background on your employer's computer and will alert him or her of any unusual, non-productive situations.

TechYahoo says, "The company says BT2 can detect different emotional states, and even differentiate between them. This means that the next time you're telling the boss you're feeling sick, he'll be able to tell if you really need that day off or not. Pretty scary stuff". Scary and pretty invasive indeed!