Warmth Earmuffs Have a Headphony Look But Protect from the Weather

 - Jan 22, 2013
References: thefederal.co
With its bowing wooden band and its thick round earpieces, the Warmth Earmuffs look like they could be a set of audio accessories. A closer inspection will, however, reveal no wires; instead, you'll discover the lovely craftsmanship of this wonderful winter wear item.

The parts of pale timber are sourced from Canadian birch trees and express an earthiness about the overall piece. The crispness of the cut and the perfect curve, to which they've been treated, give them a distinctively contemporary quality as well. British Columbian sheep's wool has been bundled up into soft circular cushions for your ears, expertly insulating any escaped heat. The two elements have been fastened together in a basic crisscrossed stitch with waxed cotton string. The Federal's Warmth Earmuffs have the appeal of charming simplicity through meticulous manufacturing.