The VS Magazine FW 2011 Covers are Gritty and Glam

Amber Heard, Kirsten Dunst and Laetitia Casta cover the VS Magazine FW 2011 issue, dedicated to the best of fashion in films. Ellen von Unwerth and Cathleen Naundorf get behind the lens for these gritty-meets-glamorous shots, depicting the three actresses in classic Hollywood beauty poses.

Sophisticated and sultry, the VS Fall/Winter covers make clever use of editing to recreate the look of a static television screen, with white lines chopping up the images of the young stars. I love the combination of old school black and white Hollywood photography with contemporary graphic design and composition.

As a fan of all three incredibly talented actresses, It's great to see them as part of the same cover series. Check out the VS Magazine FW 2011 issue for all the goods to satisfy your cinematic fashion cravings.