The ‘Voting: Are Americans Doing it Wrong?’ Infograph i

 - Jun 5, 2012
References: takepart & columnfivemedia
The ‘Voting: Are Americans Doing it Wrong?’ infograph by Take Part questions the status quo of the American voting system and looks for areas of potential improvement. Voting is a democratic right that countries all over the world are fighting to defend or acquire, yet the turnout for national federal elections in the United States is a mere 47.7%. The chart questions whether this is a result of voter apathy or a failure of the system.

The graph indicates that there are systematic tweaks that can be undergone to alter voter turnout significantly. Suggested methods include: weekend voting, holiday voting and voting by mail to increase participation. Since the current system requires Tuesday voting—a decision made in 1845 that may be a bit outdated -- there are modern upgrades to be found.

Take Part is attempting to increase the methods to get a better turnout to have an increased democratic demonstration for the United States' 2012 Presidential Election