The ‘Visionaire 62 Rio’ Brings Users to the Mus

 - Sep 9, 2012
References: visionaireworld & coolhunting
The ‘Visionaire 62 Rio’ brings the experience of going to a museum right to you. The product is formatted to be like an old-school stereoscope. A totally non-traditional art magazine, ‘Visionaire’ is responsible for the release of the product.

Found within its sleek and comfortable black box are works from various famous artists and photographers. The box was designed and imagined by design firm Aruliden and contains 18 different slides. All you have to do is slide a new picture into the slot to experience this old-school look.

Looking inside the peep holes will give you a visual treat, showing the appearance of a long, white-walled hallway with artwork waiting at the end for you to enjoy. The final product took the team over a year to create.