The Victoria Feather-Skirt Dress by J. Crew is Reminiscent of Swan Lake

 - May 24, 2013
References: jcrew & net-a-porter
This victoria feather-skirt dress by J. Crew is a perfect option for a bride-to-be. More so than in the past, brides are choosing two dresses for their big day; one for the ceremony and the other for the reception. While this may seem like overkill, it is actually a smart option. Ceremony dresses are usually hard to move and dance in due to the amount and type of fabric they are made from.

Reception dresses are a more toned-down version of the dress that allows for easy movement and are usually cut above the knee. For those on the look-out for a reception dress for their big day, the Victoria feather-skirt dress by J. Crew is a breathtaking option. However, it can also be used as the ceremony dress.

The upper portion of this J.Crew dress is a classic and conservatively cut appliqued top, while the bottom has a little more flair. The flair comes from the feather-tiered statement skirt that adds a different texture and more modern feel to this ivory gown. Whether you are walking down the aisle in this dress or changing into it for the reception, this gown will look ravishing on the blushing bride.