The 'Unselfish Reasons Why People Write Online Reviews' Infographic

 - Jun 17, 2012
References: blog.demandforce
With the age of online shopping upon us, online reviews can make or break whether we buy a product and what we buy. The 'Unselfish Reasons Why People Write Online Reviews' infograph is a fantastic look at how online users are helping to guide our decisions to make the most of our cash.

Positive reviews can convince us of a product we're not entirely sure we need, while negative reviews can send us packing in another direction. Businesses have to take note of this and stay on top of their reviews -- not deleting the negatives, but rather fixing the issues discussed.

Since you can't try things on in person over the web, shopping for shoes or apparel of any kind is definitely reviewer-based and can hold great sway over your decision making. Same for technology -- if others like it, you'll be more likely to like it yourself.